Decelerate to Accelerate

Deceleration Camps away from frenetic pace of everyday business life to take a step back, re-energise and re-focus.

Time for a break

Like in F1, the team who wins is not the one that goes full speed all the time but the one that decelerates right before a turn and then accelerates again..


Restore your team's energy, strech your body and mind to increase the energy levels as well as balance with positive team exercises.


Deep dive in why you do what you do, get some sweat, inspire your team and get ready for your next move.


Build, play, grow as a person and as a team, develop and work on your Strategic plan and release the fire.


Whether you want to take a break or really stop time, we have a camp for you and your team.

  • €170/p
  • A half-day to get your team back in shape and batteries recharged.
  • Healthy Breakfast
  • CrossFit Session
  • Energy Coaching or Growth Mindset
  • In your office
  • Let's Camp
  • as from €900/p
  • Take a break with your team for a weekend or 2 days to prepare the next race.
  • Complete Healthy Getaway
  • CrossFit Session
  • Energy Coaching
  • Strategic Workshop
  • Growth Mindset
  • Team Dynamics
  • Overnight under the stars
  • Location in the Nature
  • Let's Camp

  • €350/p
  • A day to take the time to re-energise and prepare your next move.
  • Healthy Breakfast & Lunch
  • CrossFit Session
  • Energy Coaching
  • Team Dynamics
  • Growth Mindset
  • Location near the office
  • Let's Camp

Ready to pack your stuff?